About Us



Welcome. We hope that you will soon become our satisfied partner, customer. We would like to introduce you the products of Agrostadt Manufacturing, Trade and Service Ltd.

Our company was founded in early 2012 for manufacturing aftermarket combine harvester parts in excellent quality, with short lead time, and always with respect to the deadlines. Our company relies on two decades of experience in the field of manufacturing and overhauling combine harvester parts.

Our high quality standard, reliability, technical innovation, customer focused approach and open communication result in successful, solid relationships and the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

From day one we have strived to become the best in the aftermarket combine harvester parts manufacturing industry. We think that in today’s world time and distance have lost their previous importance. As a result of the technological advancement our relationships become tighter and we are able to get in touch not only with our immediate environment but with any part of the world.

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation:


István Barankai
General manager