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Welcome to the AGROSTADT Ltd. website!

Our company was founded at the beginning of 2012 to carry out the production of aftermarket combine spare parts with excellent quality, short and precise deadlines. But we are based on nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing and renewing parts of harvesting machines.

In addition to maintaining excellent quality, we have now significantly increased the product range. We maintain successful long-term partnerships with numerous domestic retailers as well as the largest domestic distributors. We export our parts to many countries, such as Germany, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Italy. With the help of foreign dealers, our parts are used with satisfaction all over Europe.


In addition to traders, more and more farmers find us directly, even for product purchases, but we also try to flexibly find solutions to their unique needs.

In recent years, adapting to market demands, our activity has gone beyond the production of parts.

Due to the needs of local publics and businesses, we carried out many construction works. From the complete construction of large electronic floating gates, sliding gates, metal warehouse buildings, roof structures, to the production of residential fences, gates, stairs, and barriers.

In addition, we carry out periodic maintenance and renovation of industrial facilities and hot-asphalt plants in Hungary.

Continuous technical development is essential to keep up with the market. Due to the expansion of the product range, the individual production and the feasibility of the aforementioned services, we have carried out numerous technical and technical investments and developments.

In the year 2022, we bought two modern new machines. Sheet-rolling and edging machines, which help to realize as many unique productions as possible, and we also undertake contract work for these machines.

According to our business policy, we insist on high quality standards. In addition, reliability, technical development, a customer-centered approach, and open communication result in our successful, stable relationships and the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

Our headquarters are located in Dormánd, Heves county, but we welcome orders from all over the country!

Looking forward to working together in the future,

Best regards,


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