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Company name: AGROSTADT Manufacturer, Trader and Services Limited Liability Company

Address: 3374. Dormánd, Dózsa str. 4.

Phone: +36 20 411 0652



The authority that registered the company: Company Court of the Egri Court

Company register number: 10-09-032861

Tax number: 23843185-2-10

Chamber: Heves County Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HKIK)

The operator is subject to VAT and charges VAT.

Account managing bank: K&H Bank Plc

Bank account number: HUF: 10402214-50526551-84491003

EUR: HU27 1040 3507 5052 6551 84449 1003


Hosting provider:

Service provider name: ProfiTárhely Ltd.

Address of service provider: 6000 Kecskemét, Szolnoki út 23.

Phone: +36 20 254 0866



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